FTS Mining

Earn FTS By Supporting Network Security!

FTS Solo Mining!

For Anyone That Is Used To Cpu Mining With Monero Or Other Alt Coins, It's The Standard Processing Of Opening The CLI Files, Running The Daemon, Opening And Making A New Wallet, And Then Running The Mining File As You Normally Would On Your Computer.

Mining For Windows
  • Unzip FTSCoin-V0.1.0-Windows
  • Open The Unzipped FTSCoin-V0.1.0-Windows Folder, You Should Be In A Folder With 6 Applications
  • Double Click FTSCoind.Exe, Leave This Window Always Open Running In The Background
  • Double Click FTSWallet.Exe
  • Select (2) Create New Wallet
  • Name Your New Wallet, Remember/Write Down The Wallet Name
  • Give Your Wallet A Password
  • Write Down Or Save Your Wallet Information In Safe Place, Being Sure To Treat The Mnemonic Seed Like Cash
  • Press (5) And Exit The Wallet
  • With FTSCoind.Exe Still Open In The Background Double Click Miner.Exe -When It Asks "What Address Do You Want To Mine To?:" Put In The New FTS Coin Wallet Address You Just Made And Recorded In A Safe Place
  • Mining For Linux!
  • Unzip Both FTSCoin-V0.1.0-Linux.Zip And FTSCoin-V0.1.0-Linux-GUI.Zip
  • Open The Folder That Ends With GUI Until You Get To The .Appimage File
  • Double Click The Appimage File Or Drag It Into Terminal And Hit Enter
  • Use The Easy To Navigate GUI Wallet To Generate A New Wallet, Record Your Information In A Safe Place
  • Open The Folder That Says FTSCoin-V0.1.0-Linux Until You Reach 6 Files
  • Open A Terminal Window And Drag And Drop FTSCoind Into The Terminal Window And Hit Enter, This Window Must Remain Open As You Mine FTS Coin
  • Navigate To The Folder With The 6 Applications In Nautilus (The Folder Explorer), Right Click And Select "Open In Terminal"
  • A Terminal Window Should Now Open That's Automatically Aimed At The Folder You Were Just In
  • Type ./Miner --Address [Your FTS Coin Address Here]

  • Download CLI coin files